Volunteering with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue


When I was still living in the Philippines I used to volunteer with an animal welfare group called CARA Welfare Philippines, so when I moved to the U.S., one activity that I missed was participating in various events related to animal welfare especially for dogs. Good thing I found out about Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

According to their site they are a 501(c)3 non-profit, all-breed dog rescue composed of a network of fosters and volunteers who work together to rescue sweet, loving, adoptable dogs from high kill, rural shelters in the southern U.S. states and get them adopted into wonderful forever homes. 

I applied online to be a volunteer, and got an invite to attend one of their monthly training events which was an orientation and a training session on how to handle dogs during events. Soon enough a call out was sent for an adoption event happening on the next weekend. I immediately signed up. The dogs were all so friendly and happy especially when the passersby stop to greet and pet them.

I handled a pup that day called Lady Elaine and her brother Neighbor Aber (did I mention Badass Brooklyn gives the most adorable names to the dogs they rescue?) Here they are being in their natural cute selves. I have a soft spot for Shih Tau’s since I have five of them back home in the Philippines.

The great news was that day, on my first adoption event, Lady Elaine was set to be picked up by her new pawrents! A few months after I was very happy to learn that her brother got adopted as well!

Best in Show Event at Williamsburg


I also volunteered for a dog contest for the benefit of Badass Brooklyn called a Best in Show event held in a newly opened bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Some Badass dogs were in attendance like this cutie pie I’m holding - named Pippi Longstocking.

Check out below the gorgeous and adorable dogs who participated in the contest.

One amazing thing about this event was the one and only Dogist is present! Here he is doing his magic.

Plus how gorgeous are these streets of Williamsburg on this glorious summer day?

“If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate. If you can’t donate, educate.”