Gotham Writers: Write-In [Nope.. Batman was not present.]

One thing about NYC that made my little writer heart flutter was the chance to attend Gotham Writers classes. Established in 1993, Gotham Writers has been giving workshops for creatives both Online and in its headquarters in New York City. I consider writing as a craft so it's great to know an organizations that treats writing as an art as well. They offer a wide variety of courses from fiction, non-fiction, scriptwriting, and even professional development classes as well.

Writing is an independent act, and though a writer can easily get lost in his or her own world as time and words past by, this activity of solitude can sometimes make one lonely. This is why one of the best things about Gotham Writers is that not only does it offers workshops but it opens you up to a community of creatives as well.

I haven't decided yet which course I'd enroll in so I tried out attending one of their Write-In events first. With an investment of $20, it's two-hour event (from 6:30 - 8:30 pm) that allows you to meet fellow writers, and practice your writing freely, free of judgment and long-term commitment. The process is simple - you come in, a teacher will give interesting writing prompts, you're then given time to write. If you are brave, you can volunteer and share your work to the class. During the break, you can hangout with other attendees over food and drinks.

When I attended, it was an intimate class of less than 20 people. I think they hold simultaneous Write-ins in different classrooms so a class won't get too crowded. I even met a nice lady who was also a first time attendee that night. I also liked that you are free to write the way you want to and in whatever genre you do. I'd definitely be back to enroll in their Write-Ins again or maybe in one of their courses.