InterNations: A Place to Know the World

Unless you can move at lightning speed or possess a time turner, you most certainly can’t travel the world in a day. I know right! bummer. But what you can experience is meet people from all over the world in one day, in one event, in one place. Amazing right?

I’ve recently discovered InterNations through the Internet. What I was looking through that time I couldn’t remember, I’ve had one two many clicks. But as someone who loves discovering new things and connecting with new people, it definitely caught my attention. So I used my investigative journalism skills, a.k.a. I googled it, and here’s what I found:

Present in 390 cities worldwide, InterNations is a community for expatriates and global minds. It allows members to connect with fellow expats through its events as well as exchange tips & advice on living abroad. InterNations also offers a wide variety of Interest groups that connects you with fellow members who share the same hobbies and interests. Basic membership is free but you have to sign up for the paid Albatross membership to join groups. You also get discounts to paid events if you are an Albatross member.

I signed up right away as a new member and fortunately at that time there was an upcoming Newcomers’ Event. The event was free and I went to check it out. It took place in a cozy hotel in Manhattan. Drinks were available, the first hour was just a free time to mingle and roam around. You literally have to approach a stranger and introduce yourself. In a different scenario I would freak out but since it is a networking event, I convinced myself I will not look like a creep. I told myself I will just talk to 5 people and leave but I ended up having conversations with at least 10 people. Halfway through the event, the Ambassadors and Consuls gathered us up for a brief Introduction and some Ice breakers which facilitated more mixing up and meeting people. That night, I met people from Germany, France, India, Venezuela, Holland, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and more. What’s even better was through their stories, I felt like I somehow traveled to those places myself.

I look forward to more amazing experiences as part of this community.