Celebrating my 26th in NYC

I previously wrote a blog post on how I feel about turning twenty-six years of age, and now in this post, I’d like to share how I celebrated my birthday.

Also, I created this page as a way to immortalize my experiences as I sort of have a bad memory. To the future me who won’t have to solely rely on Facebook memories, you’re welcome.

After finishing work in the morning, I started my official celebration with a birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant in New York’s East Village. This has been in our bucket list and decided to finally try it out on my birthday.

The place is called Au Za’atar and according to their website, it is a “Lebanese / Middle Eastern restaurant which has quickly become a destination in the East Village for New Yorker's and tourists alike, serving family recipes from Lebanon and other middle eastern countries.”

Although we really were initially enchanted by it through a Facebook video feature which says that in this NYC restaurant, you’d have the chance to make your own Shawarma. And if you get a chance to make your own Shawarma, you take the chance to make your own Shawarma.

We made a last-minute reservation, but turned out to be unnecessary because there aren’t a lot of people yet when we arrived. Maybe because it was still early for dinner (5:00 pm). The one that we came there for (the Shawarma platter thing) wasn’t really in their menu and you have to order it specifically in a certain way. “A certain way” meaning we showed a picture and asked if we can order it. They will then give you a choice of lamb, chicken, or beef. We chose beef. I think it was at around 80+ USD.

After dinner, we were off to see a Broadway show - none other than Frozen The Broadway Musical at the St. James Theatre. This is the second Broadway show that I’ve seen after my all-time favorite Aladdin.

With original songs, excellent performances, funny twists, and a gorgeous set, Anna, Elsa, and the entire cast and crew certainly did not disappoint. I would recommend this show to anyone who visits New York City.

Lastly, and the icing on the cake on my birthday, an article that I have previously submitted to various editors had been accepted and published.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 1.54.56 PM.png

This article has been rejected twice which is why it being published on my birthday has really been a treat. I can’t wait to see what this age and season of my life will teach me. | B