Freakin’ Ambitious

"I am ambitious." How many of us are comfortable saying that? Oftentimes we shy away from being considered ambitious. Isn’t being ambitious is becoming a show-off, an inconsiderate, aggressive, and generally a bad person? - asks the younger me.

If being ambitious means having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed* then why the hell should you not call yourself one?

This blog is dedicated to help you be fearlessly authentic and unapologetically ambitious.

But first you must give yourself permission to set ambitious goals for yourself and your life. And to achieve them by being a freak, I mean being you and not trying to be someone else. Let’s focus on the positive light of being a “freak” here: being preoccupied with culture, self-actualization, discovery, and self-image; an interest in wanting to be the first to do something or consume something.

I want you to stand out for the right reasons and be confident in blazing your own trail.