More Doing, Less Waiting

"More doing, less waiting" This has been my mantra for quite some time now in both my personal and professional life. Partly because I like challenging myself but also because I am not the most patient person I know. In fact the three things I’m afraid of are heights, open water, and waiting periods. I always need to distract myself by doing something or else all hell will break loose and I’ll go down anxiety-shaped rabbit holes.

Why is this relevant? I’m glad you asked.

Looking back I realized that the statement is not a mantra but rather my way of figuring out what I want. My career path has not been a straight one but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I went from being a registered nurse to being in the corporate world while pursing a psychology degree and then a career in academia, both of which I stopped doing. Outside of work I gravitated towards activities that would give me meaning and satisfy my quest for purpose. I volunteered for an animal organization, I joined a Toastmasters club, wrote self-development articles, attended TED talks and other workshops deemed relevant. What I realized was that I did all of those not because I didn’t know what I want, but because I am fascinated by the process of learning and thrived on building meaningful connections.

More importantly, I believed that you find your passion by doing, trying out and experiencing things, not just by thinking about it. My path so far may be crooked and I gave up on some goals along the way, but I don’t regret any of it. One thing I’ve learned in the pursuit of finding out what you want is that plans will be revised and interests will change, but one thing that'll remain the same are your values. You may find yourself not desiring your initial goals or dreams anymore, but don’t worry, you are not lost, just being redirected.

To quote my article on

"Over time, your wants and interests will change. You may find yourself not wanting the same goal you had 2 years ago, and that’s okay! Don’t feel like a loser because you stopped pursuing a goal. Just make sure that you did it for the right reasons; because it’s no longer fulfilling your desires; because it’s not aligned with your discovered passions; because it’s not who you are anymore. It’s not failing, it’s strategic quitting."

Remember if it can be considered growth, it can’t be considered failure. Now I invite you to join me in the journey towards creating a passion-filled life. I will not settle for anything less, even if that would mean I have to start from scratch.

After all, this is my story. And it is dedicated to those who needs to hear it.