My Intentions for the Year 2019


It feels like not too long ago, we were welcoming 2018 and now we’re here, the first day of the year 2019, the last year of another great decade. Indeed, “Where did time go?” It has been a year of contrasts for me. I experienced the calm and chaotic, exhilarating highs and depressing lows, external wins and internal losses. A year of ambiguity, uncertainty, and revelation. Mostly revelations to myself of how I can handle what life threw my way.

Unlike the previous years where my life has been more predictable with a lot of constants (job, friends around me, community, etc.), 2018 moved at an unprecedented pace. Everything was new and everything was changing. It made me realize how we sometimes think that we only get a restart in life every 365 days but the truth is we do with every waking moment. We get a brand new chance and a fresh start, we were just too caught up in the mundane affairs of everyday living to value it enough. So in reality, we can have new “resolutions” made every day, new commitments and intentions set every month. But in the spirit of starting the new year right and with a motivated mindset, I’d like to share my general intentions for 2019.

This year, I am committing to:

  • building healthier and more productive habits

  • following through with each and every one of them no matter what

  • learning to not take every single thing too seriously, to “choose my battles”

  • fighting the feeling of overwhelm by refusing to spread myself too thin

  • learning to stand my ground albeit slowly

  • letting go of the need for external validation, including “likes”

  • spending time on progress, not perfection

  • learning to let go of past regrets

  • Learning to filter out the white noise, including other people’s opinions

  • creating myself, rather than just finding myself

My 2019 intentions also include the simple things in life and everyday living that brings us joy and a healthier outlook in life. To me, those are these things:

  • reading more books

  • seeing new places

  • experiencing new activities

  • meeting new people

  • reconnecting with old friends

  • volunteering more

  • being kinder to myself and my body

  • eating healthier

  • learning new things

Ultimately I want to stop thinking about the “What ifs” and thinking that my best years are behind me or that the past was a better place to be. That place doesn’t exist anymore. I only have the reality of my now. and I want to make the most out of every bit of it. There is no expiration to the fires of ambition and mine is burning greater than ever. | B